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The client will submit an on-line search request or e-mail request and this shall become a contract between Company Documents Ltd and the client.

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Company Documents Ltd. undertake to use their best endeavours to obtain for the client the requested company information and documentation. Client confidentiality is paramount, we will NEVER reveal your details to our source.

Standard Company Search Charges Relate To;

Name Search - Confirmation that a company name exists at a registry in a particular country or jurisdiction that you nominate.

Profile Report - Basic details of the company confirming its existence and listing information such as; directors or registered agent, registered office, company number, status etc. This information may be obtained from various local sources and not entirely from the corporate registry. The report will be forwarded to you by fax or e-mail as per your request.

Official Extract - An extract obtained from the corporate registry either by ourselves or by our local agents. This is normally an official registry document and can contain detail in the local language.

Copy Official Documents - A copy of the historical company documents that are publicly available at the Registry for the required company, which can be certified for legal purposes if so requested (this may incur an additional charge in some jurisdictions). The search charge for obtaining company documents, as indicated on our price list and the relevant country page, is the normal charge for that jurisdiction. However, in certain circumstances that charge may be subject to change (for example if the file contains over 100 pages a minimum charge of 45 pence per additional page will be added to cover handling and shipping expenses). Should that be the case we will attempt to contact the client by e-mail expressing the reason and notification of any price change before dispatching the documents.

(Please note that a minimum of the Name Search fee will always be charged to the client once we have been instructed to undertake a search, this is to cover our costs, for example; if it is found that the company is not located in a country indicated by the client).

Standard Due Diligence Services 

Company Documents Ltd as instructed by the client, will undertake various available due diligence searches, to include but not limited to the following types:

Certified Official Documents

Court Search

Asset Search

Credit Report

Due Diligence Report

Land Registry Search

Press / Media Search

Site Visit

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Search

Mortgage, Charge or Lien Search

Individual Company Appointment Search

Delivery of Documents and Information

Standard Delivery - We endeavour to deliver the company documents and information to the client where possible within 7-10 working days as standard. However, because of the varying efficiencies of certain Registration Offices and jurisdictional delays, the obtaining of information and documents may be delayed beyond our control. Should this be the case we will endeavour to contact the client by e-mail to explain the situation.

Expedited Service - In most jurisdictions it is possible to expedite the delivery of reports or copy documents. If your enquiry is marked as URGENT in the comments field, for an additional fee of 50% of the indicated price we can ensure all efforts are immediately undertaken by ourselves and our agents to deliver the required information within the shortest possible timeframe.

The client will receive the entirety of the corporate documents or information that we obtain from the relevant registry or source. Company documents and official information may be provided in the local language, we do not provide translation unless requested to do so, and this would normally be at an additional cost.

Company Documents Ltd will NOT retain at our offices any copies of the documents obtained and dispatched to the client. For speed and safety reasons documents received by us are normally dispatched to the client by email or by courier service (unless agreed otherwise and at the client’s risk).

Company documents and requested information will be forwarded only to the name, address and email given on our search request form.

In the unlikely event of non-receipt of the documents in transit to the client, for whatever reason, Company Documents Ltd will not normally accept liability for replacement of those documents and such documents can only be re-obtained by us at full cost to the client.

Refund, Cancellation and Return:

All corporate and due diligence information which we provide is obtained by fresh investigation after the time of receiving the order and it is normally supplied in electronic form as an attachment to an email, unless otherwise specified by the client.  As such we are unable to offer refunds or accept returns of information provided.

Once an order has been placed Company Documents Ltd will have begun to source the required information using our network of global agents.  Company Documents Ltd therefore incur costs immediately following the placement of an order.  By placing an order the consumer agrees that Company Documents Ltd will be immediately commencing the required service and will begin the processes of investigating, compiling reports and gathering information. 

Cancellation requests before the relevant information is provided will be considered on a case by case basis.  However, there will be administrative fees incurred on the work undertaken until the point of cancellation which will vary dependent upon the type of service and jurisdiction.  All cancellation requests should be issued in writing within 3 working days of placing the order or before receipt of the ordered information, whichever is first. 

Payment for our Service

Prepayment: The Client should input valid Credit/Debit Card details for payment of our service. Our prices are, insofar as is possible, displayed on this website under details of the relevant country. An electronic receipt will be dispatched to you by email after placing your order.

Invoice, by prior arrangement only: Please e-mail us with your search requirements if you would prefer to pay by invoice. Our invoices are usually dispatched by email with the relevant company documents or information, and the invoice is due for immediate payment on receipt. Interest will be charged on late payments as stated on the invoice. In certain circumstances and particularly in the case of large quantity orders, pre-payment may be required.

We will contact the client on receipt of their order to discuss this.

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