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The British Virgin Islands is amongst the most popular offshore jurisdictions for company registration.

All BVI registered companies are registered with the BVI Financial Services Commission.

Search Options (Typical Available Information)

Contents of a BVI PROFILE REPORT (where available):

Correct Full Name,
Prior Name,
Date Incorporated,
Company Registration Number,
Identity Current Legal Status & Historical Status, the date if Struck Off.
Full Registered Office Address,
Name and Contact Details of Registered Management Agent,
Authorised/Issued/Paid Up Share Capital,
Type of Business,
Business Category,

The Profile Report can be expedited if required urgently.

BVI REGISTRY EXTRACT - This is our most popular report from the British Virgin Islands. It can normally be supplied within 48hrs of ordering and together with a detailed report it will contain copies of any mortgage charge documents filed together with any documents showing directors / shareholders that are filed.

BVI OFFICIAL COPIES - The type of extracts or copy document information normally available depends upon what the company has chosen to file. It can however contain...
The Full Name, Registration Date, Registration Number, Copies of original Memorandum and Articles of Association, Status, Copies of the Incorporation Certificate, details of any Mortgages, Charges, and copies of those documents, The Registered Office address, copies of any resolutions or amendments filed and the name of the Registered Agent who maintains the company locally.
However there is an option available to any BVI Business Company, that under instructions from the beneficial owner of the company for it to submit its Register of Directors and/or the Register of Shareholders to the publicly available file as well. If this is the case then the information on directors and/or shareholders would also be available and copies of those documents. Choosing the Full Official Copies option will ensure you have a copy of everything possibly available from public records, timeframe for full copy is normally 2 to 3 working days.

Certified copies of the documents and Certificates of Good Standing are also available upon request.

Having developed long term reliable and extremely trustworthy agents in the BVI we are also able to offer services such a Court Research, Land Registry Research, Company Formation and Nominee services. Please enquire should you need anything in the BVI, we are happy to help.

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in British Virgin Islands please select one of the following options:



A search on a corporate name or an individuals name to attempt to trace any assets, to include any physical assets, monetary and intellectual property.



Evidence of the existence of the subject company and independently extracting copies of the publicly available official corporate documentation on file. Please note that official documentation is usually in the official language of the registration...



Verification of the available company registration details, description and contact information of a subject entity. Due to the varying disclosure requirements between jurisdictions the content of a profile report may differ. Profile reports are usually...



Searches on an individual or a corporate name to show any judgments and current or historic civil or criminal court proceedings listed. The types of courts and availability of records differs between jurisdictions. In some courts it may be only possible...



A summary report showing a subject companys basic details, credentials and business background including contact details and management and available financial information. This report will also show any adverse or negative information for the subject...



A registry extract is a summary of information obtained directly from the official company registry at the relevant jurisdiction detailing the current particulars of a subject company. The content and detail provided in official extracts can vary based...

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Investigations into individuals or businesses to determine their reputation and their credentials. Due diligence investigations follow multiple avenues to obtain both official recorded data, court research and press / media information. The sources...