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Our Due Diligence Services

With the help of our well established global network of agents and contacts we are able to effectively undertake due diligence and investigative research.

We can provide various services (some are listed below) in a number of world wide jurisdictions. If you require a quote for any research and investigative assistance please complete the contact us form and one of the team will be in touch.

risk awareness
  • Worldwide company name search
  • Directorship appointment check
  • Shareholdings check
  • Court Judgment search
  • Litigation search
  • Criminal history check
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Real property assets search
  • Credit history
  • Local press / media check
  • Global press / media check
  • Property ownership search by subject name
  • Property ownership search by address
  • Telephone subscriber check
  • Business verification visits
  • Licence verification
  • Vessel search
  • KYC / AML Risk Search

The availability of information varies considerably between jurisdictions; however Due Diligence checks may often verify the bona fides of a subject and provide the enquirer with an increased level of comfort. The internationally accepted principle of “Know Your Customer” that is embodied in the requirements of compliance and money laundering regulations has become a necessary line of research in business and finance. We are undertaking corporate KYC enquiries on a daily basis.

The need for the individual to undertake similar research should not be overlooked. Those with fraudulent intent try to prevent thorough examination of their bona fides and hope that no formal checking process will be undertaken.

The need for Due Diligence is ever present.

We treat all enquiries as confidential.