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We are able to access open source intelligence, corporate information and official company documents
in most countries throughout the world and using our well established global network of agents and

Worldwide Company Name Search

Searching various company registries to establish the domicile of a subject company...

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Certified Official Document

Official copy of a corporate document on file for a subject company duly certified by ...

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Official Registry Extract

An Official Registry Extract is information obtained directly from the official company registry at ...

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Press Media

Search to compile positive or negative local and global press and media....

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Official Copy Investigations

Official copies of the publicly available corporate document on file for a subject company...

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Due Diligence

Investigations into individuals or businesses to determine their reputation and credentials...

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Individual Company Appointment Search

A search against an individuals name to discover if the subject has any appointments as ...

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Property Ownership, Mortgage, Charge

Official copy of the publicly available corporate document on file for a subject company...

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Search

Check whether an individual, company, buyer or a borrower has been, is currently...

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Court, Litigation & Judgment Search

Searches on an individual or a corporate name to show any judgments and current...

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A summary report showing a subject company's basic details, credentials and business...

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Site Visit and Business Verification

A visit in person by our local agents to the address of interest and a number of photographs...

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Custom Search Request

Using the Company Documents online ordering menu you can directly instruct us to obtain certain types of corporation information or undertake a due diligence investigation in many international jurisdictions.

However there are over 200 countries, territories and colonies from which we can provide corporate and investigative research.

We have established links to all the countries listed on our website and we are countinuing to develop realationships whithin many other jurisdictions.

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We have operated our

Specialised corporate research service for over 20 years.

Providing clients with corporate reports and official company documents obtained from corporate registries located around the world.

Information may be vital to you for reasons such as due diligence, asset tracing, KYC, compliance, competitive intelligence, or other legal and investigative requirements. Our international base of clients includes financial institutions, accountancy and law firms, government offices, commercial entities, investigators and private individuals.

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