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All Cayman Islands companies are registered with the Cayman Islands General Registry.

The Profile Report or Official Extract will usually contain the following details:-

Date of Incorporation
Registered Office
Registered Name
Registered Agent
Full Contact details
Type of Company
Registered Number
Current Status - Live/Dissolved
Status Date.

Principal Business Types

Limited or Ltd. Ordinary Company
May be designated resident and used only for local purposes or non-resident and used only offshore. May be formed with only one shareholder. There is no minimum capital requirement. There is no restriction on the transfer of shares. The liability of a shareholder is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares held.

Ordinary Non Resident Companies.
An ordinary non resident company is a Cayman Company with perpetual succession which does not intend to carry on Business in the Islands and, in respect of which the Financial Secretary has issued a certificate designating it to be a non-resident or in the case of an existing company, one which was designated non-resident under the exchange control law prior to its repeal.

Exempted Company.
When operations are conducted mainly offshore. Conditions are the same as for an Ordinary Company except that invitations to the public to subscribe are not permitted.

General Partnership
An association of individuals or corporate entities in which the partners are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the partnership.

Limited Partnership
An association of one more general partners who are wholly liable for the debts of the partnership and one or more limited partners who are liable only to the extent of their capital contribution.

Other types of company
Company Limited by guarantee and an Unlimited Company
Branch of a foreign company.
Trusts and Mutual Funds.
Sole Proprietorship.
Bank, Trust and Insurance Companies.

Copy documents are not currently available from the Cayman Islands as the Corporate Registry will not issue photocopies. For further information it is necessary to apply to the registered agent directly.

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in Cayman Islands please select one of the following options:



A search at the Cayman Islands Shipping registry for a Cayman Islands registered vessel and, if available, a copy of the Transcript detailing current owners, particulars of the vessel and any registered mortgages against the vessel.



Searches on an individual or a corporate name to show any judgments and current or historic civil or criminal court proceedings listed. The types of courts and availability of records differs between jurisdictions. In some courts it may be only possible...

Quote for other service or investigation


Investigations into individuals or businesses to determine their reputation and their credentials. Due diligence investigations follow multiple avenues to obtain both official recorded data, court research and press / media information. The sources...



A summary report showing a subject companys basic details, credentials and business background including contact details and management and available financial information. This report will also show any adverse or negative information for the subject...



  A detailed company search of the Cayman Islands registry to obtain an official excerpt of current corporate details.  The excerpt will included published corporate details including;  Name, Jurisdiction, Registration Number,...



Verification of the available company registration details, description and contact information of a subject entity. Due to the varying disclosure requirements between jurisdictions the content of a profile report may differ. Profile reports are usually...