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Typical Available Information of a standard Belize Company Profile Report (where available):

Identity, Legal Status
Date Established,
Companies Registered Number,
Correct Full Name,
Full Address,
Ownership or Management,
Share Capital,
Type of Business,
Business Category,

Belize Company Documents

We provide clients with a fast, easy, efficient and cost effective way of conducting comprehensive company searches and obtaining official documents on Belize companies from the International Business Companies Registry. Our experience and relationship with the International Business Companies Registry in Belize means we can obtain official copies of all filed company documents. We can also have them apostilled for use outside of Belize. We are able to conduct a company name search and obtain company search reports and copies of all official documents filed.

Whilst there are limited requirements to file documents with the International Business Companies Registry, a company is required to maintain certain records and documents with its Registered Agent, as listed: Memorandum and Articles of Association; Register of Members; Register of Directors and copies of all notices and documents filed with the Registry.

Certificate of Good Standing

We are able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Registrar certifying that a company is in good standing. The Certificate confirms the company's continued legal existence. It also confirms that all administrative requirements have been complied with.

Certificate of Incorporation

Upon incorporation every company is issued with a certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies. This certificate is legal proof of the company’s existence and is often required when conducting business transactions. We can obtain a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for any Belize IBC company provided the company is active and has no outstanding fees.

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Upon incorporation all companies must draft and file with the Registrar of Companies a Memorandum and Articles of Association which govern how the company operates and the constitution.

For help to obtain a report or order a copy of the available corporate documents held on a company registered in Belize you may contact us, or select one of the standard options below.

To obtain a report or order a copy of the corporate documents held on a company registered in Belize please select one of the following options:



Searches to ascertain property ownership in a given jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions land registers can be searched by owner name but in most instances a search will be undertaken against a supplied address.



Searches on an individual or a corporate name to show any judgments and current or historic civil or criminal court proceedings listed. The types of courts and availability of records differs between jurisdictions. In some courts it may be only possible...

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Investigations into individuals or businesses to determine their reputation and their credentials. Due diligence investigations follow multiple avenues to obtain both official recorded data, court research and press / media information. The sources...



A summary report showing a subject companys basic details, credentials and business background including contact details and management and available financial information. This report will also show any adverse or negative information for the subject...